Thursday, November 19, 2009

What you won't do!!!!!!

Okay- I had a really good conversation last night with 2 of my best friends and I said I would blog about it today. For the life of me I cannot remember what the hell it was about, but I know it was hilarious!!!

I think I remember a little of what it was about. We were sitting in the garage you know, chillin’ and conversating and talking about our cars when we were younger and a bunch of ol’ school shit. Anyway, I was telling the story about when my friend finally got her car one summer and everyone stopped riding with me just because this bitch had A/C. I mean really! How trifling can one be? My car was a piece of shit though. You couldn’t listen to the radio if your foot was on the break, no A/C, and no power windows. I think the conversation went on to talk about me having a long string with a CD hanging from it. There was some myth or whatever that police couldn’t get your radar reading. Whatever! My main point is that they didn’t have to go on me so hard about how long the string was.

This blog is probably going to seem all over the place because I am trying to put together the conversation in my mind. I was severely inebriated and I said I would right about that moment but I think my mind must have erased it, so I will continue to skip around until I figure out what the hell it is I wanted to say if you don’t mind…….

Okay, then we started talking about being able to drive under the influence. I think that driving lessons should be taken while you are drunk so that you learn how to drive drunk. I think it will cut down on accidents because really, if you go out drinking you gotta get home and who really wants to be the lame ass designated driver when everyone else is gettin’ hammered drunk!!!! Anyway, we were talking about not being able to talk on the cell phone while you are under the influence and driving and if you can do that you are a complete pro and I will ride with you anywhere! I have one friend B who is a great driver even when intoxicated and I will ride anywhere with her without a seat belt. My beliefs are if you put your seat belt as soon as you get into someone’s car that is insulting! Are you trying to indicate to the driver that you do not trust their ability to safely operate a vehicle? Now, if the driver reaches for theirs first that something different. I mean, why would I want to ride with someone who doesn’t have faith in their own ability to get us where we need to be safely? While we’re on the subject of seat belts I would like to pose this question to Virginia’s law makers. “Why do you feel the need to give me a ticket for not wearing my seat belt?” I mean really, if I am in an accident and not wearing my seat belt and the other driver gets hurt do I get a ticket because apparently the lack of me wearing a seat belt caused the accident? I think that is the stupidest shit! I mean I got a $25 ticket for not wearing my seat belt and I was just like are you serious! I mean whatever happened to a speeding ticket?

In other news………. I had a conversation about why I don’t go out with my finace. My friends made some valid points, but I just can’t bring myself to have a good time with him. Maybe it’s me just being a bitch, but I just don’t think he knows how to party like I do. Maybe things should change in the way you party when you get older, but when I go out that’s me time and I really don’t want to bring the problems along. Like honestly, how many people are comfortable partying with their man the way they party with their girlfriends? The way I like to party is the way I like to party and if I have to stay sober and dance with only you when we go out, there’s no need for us to go out together. We are going to Chicago this weekend and I really hope I can shake some of these feelings because if we can’t hangout together we can’t be together. Is that stupid?

Oh yeah, saw this video of a girl who got the flu shot and she can only walk backward and talk normal when she’s running. It’s not funny, but it is. I hate things like that, where you have to be careful of who you laugh at it with. Well, I’m sorry but this shit was funny to me! At least she’s still alive right? I mean I would hope she could laugh at the fact that if she will have to run around just to have a normal conversation, I think I secretly wish I had that because as much as I talk I would probably be skinny as a bitch jogging 9 miles a day just to talk shit!

Well, I started this blog at 8 this morning, it is now 11:23. I’m done, I’ve just finished running around picking up hams and shit. Playing florist and interior designer. ALL for some ungrateful bastards!!!! All I know is if my boss does his speech before this damn lunch and can’t remember my name again I’m going to embarrass this shit out of him! I can’t say what I will do but if it happens be prepared for another blog…………………………………

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  1. LMMFAO!!!!!!!! Girl I slay me with this blog! I can just hear you sayin it all!! & u do have to be careful who u laugh about that with... it's very touchy subject but I laughed tried hard not to but when u get the talkin.... all I can do is laugh Hahahahahahha!